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2010-04-05 07:18:36 GMT
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date: Mon Apr 05 2010

Another IMMERSE cable special. Couple seconds of audio missing at 35:30 and
from then on it is out of sync by that much.


wont DL
Thanks for the torrent but the file doesn't seem to be seeded, despite what TPB says.
Nevermind, it just started...

Thanks again! :)
omg 99.99% please seed...
I suspect this is a troll. The torrent only loads to 99.9%, and the only missing piece is the fucking header of the first rar file. This, of course, renders the whole damn archive useless >.
Everyone is stuck at 99.9%

Stuck at 99.96%, but if I force it to unrar it anyways it works well, about 5 seconds worth of errors near the beginning.
really? no seed? wtf
Anyone understand what's going on that we're all stuck at 99.9%? It's just the .sfv file I'm missing (I cancelled the .txt files & sample) and the RAR won't complete without it. Any clues at all? If this is a scam, what is the point?
Have uploaded the missing files to this torrent
Anyone who wants to email me the .sfv file (orenji-x264-breaking.bad.303.sfv) can to aanon44 @ gmail. Thanks!
Rock on! It worked! Thanks!
TVTeam is not a troll. They are probably the most reliable source of 720p on public sites. This sort of thing happens on a lot of TVTeam torrents lately, but if you wait a bit, they normally complete eventually. I'm not sure why that happens exactly, but I'm gonna go out on a limb & say if you seed their torrents a bit more and say thanks on all the ones you download, the problem will likely go away. Just a thought...

I got the last piece from another torrent. I'll seed it for you all now.
Better still, just download mAgic12's 720p torrent for this episode (also on TPB). It's complete, and it's good (just checked it).
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